New Gallery


On the Gloucester Docks

Rainbow's End

Trolling Gulls

City Gardens, Rockport Massachusetts

East Coast village, Rockport Massachusetts

Nashville, Indiana

Nashville, Indiana - Pasture Scene

Irving Park

Binder Park

City Park, Saugatuck Michigan

Daylight, Saugatuck Michigan

Michigan Winter Sky

Daffodils No. 1

Daffodils No. 2

Morning Milk Delivery

My World

Bronson Park Art Festival 1985 print

Antiques Fair

Red Poppy No. 1

Red Poppy No. 2

Saugatuck Art Fair

Reflections on the Water

The Pugilist

Near Folly Cove

A Bit of Rockport

Mother and Child

Joe Frazier


The Athlete


The Champ

Young Woman

Two Young Men

Woman in Green

Woman in White

Study in Ethnic Faces No. 1

Study in Ethnic Faces No. 2

Study in Ethnic Faces No.3

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